Best and Worst state in terms woman safety in India.

Broadcasting a message is much easier now using social media. With the Internet and digital age, a news goes viral within seconds.The World is better connected today compare to 20 years back.

When we talk about India in last one decade we talk more about growth, trillion dollar economy, Bollywood, ISRO, Yoga, booming Indian IT industry, growing middle-class, Indian influence in the high tech white collar job in west, all these make us proud. India looks like a progressive society with so much positive happening around however, there is one thing that pulls us back when we see woman rape data in our country. 

Women rapes are frequently in the news and social media. There are lots of debate among people and intellectual after each rape incident, there are some steps taken by the government, however, woman rap number doesn't seem to reduce.

The intent of our blog is showcase problem using the actual data and use data analytics to solve the different problem we have in our society.

Let's look at rape demographic which state leads in woman rape crime and which state provides the highest security to the woman.

  • Madhya Pradesh is least secure state in India for women.
  • With 5079 rape incident, Madhya Pradesh had the highest number of woman rapes in the year 2014. 
  • Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh comes the second and third place with 3759 and 3749.
  • Delhi union territory stands at 6th places with 2096 rape way ahead of big states like Tamilnadu and Gujrat.
  • Bihar which is crowned as Gunda raj state by media is doing fairly well and stand at the 12th position below Haryana with 1127 woman rape incident Bihar is much safer for woman compares to 11 other states.
  • The bigger states like Gujrat and Tamilnadu are doing better. These two states are positioned in the bottom of the list of all big states.
  • Gujrat with 841 rape incidents and TamilNadu and 455 18th and 19th position respectively.
  • Hilly states like Uttaranchal, Jammu, and Kashmir and Himachal had less than 300 woman rape incident.
  • Northeastern states like Manipur, Sikkim, Assam also features lower in the list.
  • Northeastern state Nagaland is most secure state for women with 30 rape incident.

If we analyze the number it looks like that Hilly state is more secure for the woman.

  • Hilly state despite more geographically disconnected provide better security to the woman. It looks socially and metal there is the higher level of satisfaction among man in hilly areas which do not encourage them for crime against the woman. 
  • Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra leads in the rape crime against the woman. 
  • All these states are big in terms of geographical area and population. One could give the argument that rape numbers are high because of their large population and land size, however, this argument can not be true looking at women rape data of Gujrat and Tamilnadu which are bigger and populous states, Rape crime against women in these two state are least.
  • Delhi union territory which is a small state in terms of both population and area have more rape crime than states like Haryana, Punjab, Tamilnadu Gujrat.

Here are some of the questions which need to be answered. 

  • Why small state like Delhi leads in the number of rapes. 
  • Why bigger states like Tamilnadu and Gujrat are doing fairly well in securing woman compared to the big state.
  •  These big states can learn lessons from Gujarat and Tamilnadu see what went wrong with them.
  •  Why hilly states are lower in the table despite geographically not well connected. 
  • It looks there cultural and social bond among societies in Hilly states which discourages men doing crime against women. Other state needs to learn this from Hilly states.

To fix the Rape problem in India we need to address issues state by state. Solving crime against women using one country level parameter may not solve the issue.

Please provide your comment how as a society we can solve this problem.

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