How to set up Amazon Affiliate account

 1-Go to Amazon Affiliate website


2-If you already have an amazon account enter your user name and password.If you do not have an amazon account enter your email id and select I am a new customer

3-Set up your password. Once your password is set. Click on Join free now. It will connect you with Amazone affiliate account.

4-It will take you to filling up details page. Fill your details as per needed field and click on next.

5-In this page enter the website /blog or mobile app URL where you want to show Amazon product Ads. Click on next

6- Enter your profile details here and click on next. You should enter a unique ID which would be used to track your order. Amazon uses this ID to track.Once you fill details click on next.

7-Congrats you are done. By submitting the profile your affiliate account is complete and ready to use. Amazone would approve your account within few hours. There would not be any issue in approving your account. You can still use Affiliate account and start displaying amazon product on your website.

8-One last thing you need to do: You need to add your bank account where Amazone would put the money you earn from selling the products. You can do it now or later. I would recommend you to do it now by clicking on now.

9-Fill your bank details and click on continue. 

You can start using Amazon products in your website using Amazone affiliate ID.

How to select a product from Amazone and add to my website using Affiliate program

Read this article to understand step by step process to understand product adding to your website using amazon affiliate.

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